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The Journey


Its another year,

Hurray you made it through thick and thin.

The millennium was dimed the end of the age

when it dawn on us some 24years ago.

There were predictions that the planet Earth

May fold, sublime or just came to an halt.

Some started preparing for the unknown,

others did nothing, some either panic or

took that vacation.

Whichever categories you found yourself.

Am here to tell you, you are right.

A great Philosopher ones said

"the image of the world is formed differently

in the minds of individual-the power of perception".

One also said "to whom you yield yourself,

you are a slave".

Reading this post is a sign you have

another 365days of journey.

To read that book, study that course,

position yourself for that job,

see beyond the obstacles-

dig through it, climb it or soar above it.

Oh, how possible?

Ask Abraham Lincoln, Carl Rita,

Humbort Humphery, and Columbus.

How was their journey?

What do they do differently?

How do they get to the destination?

And you will discover you Can-

take the journey, win again and

get the bouquet.

Impossibility only leaves in the imagination!!!

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1 Comment

Dec 30, 2023


Setting goals, having the required discipline has never failed.

Thank you

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